Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Verizon Update:

I hightailed it to the 2nd store after work. Again, I explain my problem. Guy seems to understand, especially after seeing the text messages that I was getting. The guy next to him, however, thought I was lying and/or crazy. He asked if I had the area code in because that was probably my problem in the most sarcastic tone I think I've ever heard.

I tell him that I do have the area codes in for every stinking number and I could see using that as an argument/reasoning for me getting the message from the random area code number, if the numbers were similar. They are completely different.

The 2nd guy tells my tech to switch out my phone. Except they are out of my phone. I opt to switch to a different phone all together. But I have to run home and grab my box and charger. Before I leave, he tells me that when I get back he'll set up my employee discount for me. I call the husband and he's like, hey, while you're at it...So I grab his phone and take it back with me.

When I get back, I get stuck with the guy who was being rude to me when the other tech was helping me. Great. So I get the phones switched, still don't get my employee discount set up (which I'll deal with tomorrow. I'm just going to get the fax number from my boss) and finally head home. (side note, I got to watch one of those amusing teeny bopper "I'm gonna beat you up! Rawr! arguments in the parking lot on my way out.)

Anywho...I get home. And I go to text my little sister (the one I couldn't text without getting an error)....and SORRY! DENIED! Network Error.


Tomorrow I'm going back for round 3. I did e-mail Verizon's customer service when I got home (I think if I would have called I wouldn't have been able to be nice). We'll see what happens.
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