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I did everything online so I could get 2 phones for $30 with no mail in rebate. Everything started off great. I got the phones the day after I ordered them (which was Wednesday) and got them activated with no problems. problems until 6 hours later when I went to send my friends some text messages. Both never got the messages. And I got a message back from someone in a COMPLETELY different area code that said "wrong number". I double checked the numbers I sent them to, and they were right.

I figured it was a fluke, so I let it go.

Until Thursday. Again I try to send messages to the same friends to confirm plans for Friday. Again, neither one got the message and I got a message back from the weird number in a different area code. So I text my friends' husbands to see if I had their numbers right. I never heard back. (I found out last night that they never got the messages.)

Friday, still same issue with getting the message back from the odd number or messages not going through at all.

Saturday, same thing.

Yesterday I end up with a 3rd problem. I was testing out my theory of people not getting my messages, so I sent a message to my fil's phone while I was at his house. I get a message back, network error. I wait 20 minutes and try again. Network Error. Later that afternoon I try to text my sister. Same network error. Immediately after getting that message, I grab my husband's phone and send her a text. Goes through no problem. I grab my phone and try it again. Network Error. I also tested out the messages not going through. I sent my husband a text while he was right next to me and it never went through.


So today I decide to go and get it fixed. I take my lunch break and drive over to the nearest Verizon store. When I explain my issues to the tech, he looks at me like I'm crazy. Ok...I have the proof in my phone! I show him the messages I have that say Network Error and the messages from the different area code. I also explain to him the problem with messages not going through. He fiddles with it for 10 minutes, hands it back, and says ok. Problem solved. You shouldn't have any more issues with your messages.

Great! Or so I thought. 30 minutes later, I decide to test it out. I send a text to my friend. No dice. Again I get a message back from the number in a different area code. I call her and ask if she got the message. Nope. Well eff. So I send the husband a text and tell him that my phone is still jacked and I need to take it back to Verizon (I'm going to a different one this time). I wait. and wait. 30 minutes later I call him and ask if he got my message. Only he never got the effing message!!!

I'm so ragey it isn't even funny. I've had this phone service for less than a freaking week! I'm wondering if it is just the damn phone or what. I'm guessing it is the phone because my husband isn't having any issues and he has the same phone (Samsung Intensity).

At this point, I just want a different freaking phone. I wonder if I can get them to let me get a different one and get out of the restocking fee since this one is effed up.

Oh and I'm supposed to get a discount on my phone service due to where I work. I asked the guy about the paperwork. I showed him my proof of employment and he said no problem. He printed out a receipt for me (because somehow my insurance got bumped and I needed to have that added back on) and I assumed it was noted on there. Only it wasn't. I didn't find that out until I got out to my car. :(

I have to say, if I don't get decent service when I go in this afternoon, I'm giving the phones back and reactivating my damn Alltel phones.

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