sea_haven (sea_haven) wrote in bad_service,

Evil vein seeker

To the  phlebotomist  that assumed I was a needle repository.....

I am a patient, not a bloody pin cushion.  If you can not find a vein in the first 4 sticks, please call someone else.

DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT repeatedly jab me with the same needle over and over again. If you're new I understand, but do not tell me that you're a professional, and you'll get it done.   When I tell you point blank to stop and ask for someone else, it is not personal, and I do not hate you.

Put simply, please do not start crying, and then just disappear. It was a Friday, and I prefer to not waste my time in Doctors offices if at all possible.

I miss my old Doctor, why did you have to change states!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, first do no harm?

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