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Mom and I went on her birthday to a Ponderosa Steak House.

At this particular one, a lot of people order their entree and tell the person up front to immediately bag it so they can eat their meal from the pretty good selections on the bar.

I go up to order. I order a half-pound chopped sirloin and a plain baked potato, and I tell the ordertaker that I need to to go twice. Mom orders some sort of rib-eye that's not quite dead with a plain potato. Then we order our drinks, and this annoying woman takes us to our table.

I beat the drinks back to the table (since I generally know what I want to start with on the bar). She sits down a regular pepsi/coke in front of me and says "are you sure this wasn't a diet? I can go get you one if that's what you want!"

Me: I ordered regular. That is what I want.

Her: Oh, okay! Those carrots didn't look very good earlier, I had the corn instead, maybe you ought to try that! (I had meatballs, gravy, carrots, and mac/cheese on my plate>.

Me: No, I'm fine with what I have (the same hot bar meal I've gotten in years. I rarely bother to change).

Her: that dragged out "OOOOOOK... " with the "if you don't want to listen to me, you're going to die a horrible, painful death and I won't care!"

I went to the dessert area and got a couple spoonfulls of apple cobbler. I was rather pleased with it, it wasn't deadly sweet, and it wasn't burned to a crisp to where the topping was blackened. Then I went back to the table.

Her: Oh, I passed on that when I had my lunch, it didn't look very...

My mom (who is no not known for arguing until later): Lady, you've found something to bitch about with everything he's brought back to this table. I'd like to see your manager now. (Note: I did not tell my mom to go off... she just did. I was getting ready to do it myself, but usually, I have a lower threshold for stupidity than she does, even though she's one of the types that will complain about it in the car like she should have to management)

Her: (tries vainly to get out of getting her manager)

My mom: Do I need to go find him for you?

The waitress leaves and the manager comes over. Mom's so pissed, so she tells the story. The manager looked over at me and asked me if any of it offended me. I explained that I felt like I was unable to order for myself, and whenever I did, I made the wrong decision. Manager tells us to hang around for a few minutes as he has some business to attend to, and then he'll comp both our meals.

He caught the waitress and pinned her in a corner, stood tall over her and got quietly loud (maybe for our benefit to see, maybe they don't have an HR room or something). Waitress was crying and she took off her apron on the spot. Still with the garment in hand, the manager went up to the register, found the ticket, and took care of it. He put the apron under the main counter, then came back, thanked us, explained that this wasn't her first time at badgering and that she was on her final warning.

A couple minutes later our go food came out, double in quantity of what we ordered. The food was good :)

I guess I should clarify some things that are being misunderstood.

1. I'm not taking any pleasure in getting this woman the can.
2. Yes, she annoyed the piss out of me. Saying "this corn might be better" is being positive and not taking a dump to the carrots (which are cooked in a certain way that I just love 'em). I'm not used to having a personal shopper at a $30 for two meal restaurant. And unless I'm in a $100/plate restaurant, I'm not used to unsolicited advice. If I ask a question, then it's cool to answer. IMHO.
3. I did NOT advocate for the manager to fire this woman.
4. Read the story. Is there anywhere in the story that I said she got shitcanned? I don't think so. Did it appear that that may been the case? Yes, it is. But I don't know it happened. So back off saying I was happy to see her fired.

The edit of the former last sentence did sound like I was gloating, and that wasn't how it was meant. I was happy that the situation (and the day, it was my Mom's 65th) was finally over and I could go home, get on line, and put my feet up

EDIT: Oh look... jim_crow_laws has come trollin' my PJ. derbysinner says this is not a good thing to do and will result in your exodus from our cool little club here :)
Tags: *restaurant, ^annoyance, cool story bro!
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