on_my_heart (on_my_heart) wrote in bad_service,

UGH. My husband got up this morning early to go get me some Dunkin Donuts. I get a medium iced caramel latte with extra caramel. Nearly every day I get this, so I can tell just by looking at it that it's not right. Hubby brings it home, it's not right. No big deal, they probably misheard the order. Normally when I get my 'extra caramel' it's about 1/2 an inch at the bottom of the cup, but this had nothing in it. There was some on the whipped cream on top, but none anywhere else. Husband brings it back, explains it, and they re-make it. He brings it home and tells me that the guy filled half the cup with caramel. Thinking he's being dramatic, I take a sip and it's absolutely disgusting :( I can't help but think the guy behing the counter did this out of spite for having to make it over. I'm not even going to go back and have it re-done now, I don't want to cause any issues over there.

Now, is this me? Or is it pretty universally known that extra caramel =/= the cup? 

Tags: coffee/doughnuts/bagels
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