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{rude and not ginger}

I seriously want to strangle someone.

I'm so sure that the whole "rant about outsourcing" thing has been done, but this is beyond ridiculous.

I work as the Business Manager for a small medical office, and part of my job is to take care of the physicians' credentialing with hospitals and insurance companies.

I had gotten a letter from a pretty well-known insurance company that a physician needed to be recredentialed. Easy, usually, but not this time. Most insurance companies are requiring physicians to recredential through this site QVSK (ovs not the real name), which basically means you enter the information once and all the insurance companies can access it. It usually means less work for me, but when I tried to access this physician's information, I was unable to update it because whoever made the account (several people-in-this-position ago) never left any record of account name, password, or anything, and the email address is defunct and so I can't get a password reminder or anything (a combination co-worker suck and management suck).

I called QVSK, only to get a run-around regarding the information. I can give them every single tiny bit of the physician's personal and professional information to definitively and positively identify me as a person able to access and alter the account, but they refuse to do it and they say that the physician has to call. Okay, understandable, but the physician really doesn't have time for that, especially considering all of the hoop-jumping and gymnastics associated with it. It's not a 5 minute phone call, it's being on hold for a half hour before someone treats you like a moron.

Today I get a phone call from some company that was hired by the insurance company in question to call and remind us that the physician's recredentialing is due and that the QVSK attestation has expired. She was obviously reading a script, but whatever, I deal with that many times a day. I patiently explained the situation to the woman, and that I couldn't do the attestation before I updated the profile, which was impossible unless the physician called them, which didn't seem likely. And then I asked her if they could fax me a copy of the recredentialing application so I could send in a paper copy.

Now, I have no issue with them if they don't have a paper copy to fax me (which I think is the case, considering no one said yes or no to that). I have a problem with them seeming not to listen, care, or be paying attention to what I was saying. "Well, ma'am, you can call the QVSK Help-desk at..." Yes, I've done that, I explain, but it didn't do anything, they won't let me update the information..." Talking in circles, and more circles. It seems like their script is merely a troubleshooting flowchart, because I got the SAME DAMNED ANSWER every time I asked a question. She even offered to FAX ME THE LETTER, even though I said I had it in front of me. She put me on hold to 'look into' the situation, then came back 5 minutes later to tell me that I should call the help desk. GRRRR.

Finally, I lost my temper and asked to speak to a manager, and was subsequently on hold for 20 minutes (which is when I started typing this post) while the manager came to the phone. The manager actually ASKED ME WHAT HE COULD HELP ME WITH, and I started to explain... but then he went into the same spiel as the other woman, obviously not understanding a damned thing. We went through the whole "Yes, I've tried, but they won't let me access the account," to "No, I don't want to have her attest to outdated information," but without this guy actually responding what I was saying. He kept saying, "I understand, but..." and then went on to say that I could just call and have the physician attest. I finally got fed up and told him he apparently DIDN'T understand, but that I would call QVSK again, just because I couldn't deal with the frustration of him not GETTING what I was saying. And then I pretty much hung up on him.

What SUCKS is the insurance company outsourcing this shit to a company that obviously isn't associated with QVSK because they have no idea what's going on and they can't help in any way. What also SUCKS is that the people are such twits and can't either admit they don't know how to help me or actually have some kind of helpful information. Considering they're CALLING us, shouldn't they be equipped to give more information? OR maybe admit they can't help me, and give me the phone number of someone at the damned insurance company?? So what is the point of them calling, to just let me know I needed to call QVSK? And HOW much is the insurance company paying them for this? I mean, fuck, I'll take that job. What the hell kind of service are they giving if... uhm... it doesn't actually help anyone?

Sucks for me that I hate being on the phone and I get easily annoyed with stupid people, but I didn't yell. My voice got very cold, but they didn't seem to notice. Or care. Ooh, a pattern. Schmucks.

(My apologies to any of you who work in a call center, who might think I'm ranting about call center people in general. Usually I am very happy with the people I speak to who are in call centers, as they're nice, make an effort to understand why I'm calling, and then do their best to resolve the issue. I can't stand people who call like this and then won't/can't give information about the reason they're calling and then refuse to be helpful in any way. And maybe if the damned insurance company didn't use them, reimbursements could be a liiiittle bit higher.)
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