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U-Haul Update

Well, I have the hitch put on my car now.

I went to U-Haul on Saturday morning and dropped off my car. I asked about getting a discount, and they weren't going to do it. I got upset, and the manager told me that Carlos had already given a discount when he wrote the order up (which he had - he gave me the hitch labor for 50% off at the time that he took the order). Manager also said that if that wasn't good enough for me, then I could go elsewhere. I had already called around to other places here in San Diego, and everyone else wanted over $300.00. He wasn't going to let me sign the paperwork, even though I said I'd pay the cost I had been quoted. He said that no matter what, I was going to complain to HQ, so he might as well let me make a full complaint about them refusing me service, rather than them just pissing me off for the screwy appointment. I got upset, and he told me to hold on, and then went to the back to talk to his hitch guy.

Turns out the hitch guy that was working on Saturday, was Carlos, the guy that took my order. The manager told him that I'd been really calm, and hadn't gotten upset any of the other times that I had talked to the office, and hadn't caused a scene on Wednesday, or when I called on Thursday. And I was the only customer in the place when I got upset on Saturday morning. Carlos told the boss that he had forgotten to check the schedule when I made my appointment, and that he was fine with not charging me labor, as it was his fault.

So, instead of paying $50.00 for labor, I had been quoted $25.00 for labor, and ended up getting it for free.

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