Alcina (alcina2) wrote in bad_service,

It's not MY job to work the tills!

Yesterday I went to B and Q to buy some garden shears to clip the hedge. I go to check out, and find that NOT ONE of the checkouts has anyone on duty. The only employee is standing overseeing 6 (count them 6) self-service tills.

Point the first:
When I go to restaurant, I don't expect to do the cooking
When I hire a taxi, I don't expect to drive the car
And when I go to a shop I don't expect to work the till. I did enough of that when I was a student and working retail in the vacation to earn money, thanks.

Point the second:
There is ONE employee for 6 tills. The person in front of me has 30 identical planks of wood. And unlike the tills I used to work when I was a till-monkey in retail, there's no obvious way with these tills to scan an item and then multiply it by 30.

So, you'd imagine you could just scan the same item 30 times, leaving the others in the cart, as I sometimes used to do when the till was carrying on cranky in my retail days, or when the objects were a bit bulky? WRONG! After scanning an item you apparently have to put it in a specific place on the counter before you can ring up the next. (putting it your own backpack to save the planet??? No Way! Prohibited! Must use plastic!!!!!)

So of couse the customer calls over the employee, who is helping three other people deal with this poorly designed set up before he gets to her. He does an override to multiply it by 30 (because you couldn't get organised and programme the damn things to let the customer do it; That would be Teh Hard Computing!)

Point the third:
My turn comes and I ring up the shears. And because they have OMG!!!! pointybits!!!! the till then locks up until the employee finishes with everyone before me and comes over to verify that I am indeed 18 as the law requires (or, as the till claimed 21. Apparently the law of B and Q-land is different from the law of England.)

Now, it seems to me that if you sell age restricted products, you ought to have at least one till open, since there will be a delay while an employee comes over to vouch for you...

This was my first encounter with 'self check out' the supposedly soooooo convenient. You can bet it will also be my last, unless shops get better organised..
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, annoying formatting is annoying, bitter: party of you, cool story bro!, defensive much?, helpful comments, just here for the tags, wtf service or wtf post?
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