raven_rising (raven_rising) wrote in bad_service,

I placed an order on September 2 with Amazon for a Criminal Justice book.

Total cost was $78.01 including shipping-I signed up for their free trial to get the free two day shipping. When I ordered, the book was said to be in stock. So why am I complaining? Because the book isn't here, of course.

I suppose I want to make sure that I'm not being nitpicky. First they estimated that my book would arrive between September 16-September 23. I need the book for my Criminal Justice course-so much so that it's near impossible to pass the tests without it, and the tests are the only grades within the class. Amazon sent me an email today saying that my book will now be shipped between October 6-October 16.

Any advice on how to word a letter, or who to address it to other than "Customer Service"? Am I as stupid as I think I am for trusting Amazon to give me my book on time?
Tags: bookstore, online store/subscription
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