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This was some questionable service my friend and I received at PF Chang's.

We showed up at about 7 in the mood for some delicious Chinese food and were seated by the hostess quickly. All good. A couple of minutes later our waiter shows up, offering neither a greeting nor a smile (not exactly a big deal, but it was a little odd because he basically just stood at the table and stared at us flatly for a few seconds) and asks us if we're ready to order. Since we've only had the menus for a few minutes, we say we need more time and ask if we can order drinks first. He silently takes our drink orders and jets off and we continue to look at the menu.

A few minutes later he comes back and, once again, stands at the table totally silent holding his notepad until we offer our orders which he jots down and then rushes off with. At this point, my friend and I are exchanging amused looks over how weird this guy is. Literally the ONLY words he's said up to this point was asking us if we wanted to order when we first sat down. He's not overtly unfriendly, but we're both a little bit skeeved.

Fast foward: we get our food, it's delicious, we're both happy. Our waiter checks in once, very oddly. He slips up behind my friend, squeezes her upper arm and says only "all good?" We assure him that we're fine and try not to look too put off. I'll admit that neither of us are very touchy people, but I personally find it weird to come up to a total stranger while you're working and grab any part of them. But, again, not a huge deal.

The real suck comes when we ask for our checks. I ask if we can get separate checks, and he flatly responds "no." I'm a little surprised because we've done this before at PF Changs and in my entire life I've never been at a restaurant that couldn't split the bill. I tell him that we've split checks before at PF Chang's, he rolls his eyes, snips "fine, whatever", grabs our reciept and goes off to process it. I'm paying with card and my friend pays with a $20, and both of our dishes are about ten dollars without the tip.

We both get our checks back and my card ran and is fine, but my friend's $20 is gone and there's no change, and our waiter has completely disappeared. She's flustered but we decide to sit for a minute because, who knows, he could be making change. After five minutes with no sign of him or the money, it becomes clear that he just decided that he deserved to take a ten dollar tip and moved on to other things. I go talk to the hostess (nicely, mind :P) because my friend is way less of a confrontational, mouthy chick than I am and she apologizes and assures me she'll be at our table with the money soon. SHE arrives with it promptly, (we see neither hide nor hair of our waiter for the rest of the time we were there) and we tip and go -- leaving behind waaaaay less than ten bucks behind, between us.

Not the worst service in the world, but definitely weird, and I do not hold with waitstaff taking their own tips. I always leave at least 20%, but I appreciate being given the benefit of the doubt. Sheesh!

tl;dr -- creepy waiter with dead eyes decides to take a ten dollar tip on a ten dollar tab.
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