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Airline woes.

Okay, we just got back from a great holiday in New Zealand. We got a good deal price-wise with Pacific Blue, which included a camper van. So far so good.

First thing that went wrong was that they cancelled the flight we had booked to come home on Sunday at 4pm. We got advised by our travel agent. Okay, so we changed it to a 6.30 am Flight on Monday morning.

I checked the night before, and the flight was still on schedule. We get up at 4 am, to get to the airport 90 mins before flight time.

We checked and checked, and right up until 5 mins before boarding time, they hadn't shown the departure gate. Eventually, it comes up with another wait of 95 mins.

Still okay...these things happen when you travel. So we finally get the gate number and we all head on over. In the meantime, we had gotten a fruit yogurt to eat, but weren't quite ready for a proper breakfast, as we don't usually eat that early.

We get on board, nothing was said about food. They apologised for the delay, and still nothing said about food.

We take off and then they proceed to tell us that they had that is. It's a four and a half hour flight, at 8 am. We got offered chips (crisps) or chocolate. That's it. And they still had the audacity to charge us $3.00 for a cup of hot water and a tea bag.

No apology about the lack of food, as though it was quite normal to be offered chips and chocolate for breakfast.

The least they could have done was give us free tea and coffee, or they could have advised us whilst still in the airport, and we would have bought some sandwiches or something.

Not flying a cheap airline again.

And no-one made a fuss or complained. That's laid-back Aussies for ya. It would have been too bad if someone had diabetes or low-blood sugar. Of course we get to Melbourne, with not enough time to buy anything to eat in the airport, as we only had just enough time to get our connecting domestic flight.

At least we got sandwiches for lunch, which was around 3pm. We were just about ready to eat the seats.

EDIT: Okay folks, some of you think...waaah! Not bad service. Well on the flight over, on the same airline, we got sandwiches and muffins, and proper snack foods. It's NORMAL for this airline. I have flown with them before. What I was complaining about was the fact that if they knew that THEY HAD RUN OUT OF FOOD (as opposed to never providing it), then if they had advised us, we could have bought expensive sandwiches in the airport. We came straight from a HOtel at 4am, where we couldn't purchase any food, on a bus. As we were provided food on the flight over, silly us assumed we would get food on the way back.

So yeah, even if half of you don't agree that it was bad service, I stil do.
Tags: *airline/airport services, new zealand
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