Alyson (rhin_ariel) wrote in bad_service,

Sucky Barista Service

A little background, today is my University's Fresher's Fair. I was helping on one of the stalls from 9am so when I finally got to go for lunch at 1:30pm I was really hungry. So I headed down away from Uni with a friend of mine to get some food. In the end we chose Starbucks. And then things went downhill.

The queue wasn't long, so I grabbed a panini, decided on a drink and offered to buy a drink for my friend. When the woman on till came to serve us, it was clear English wasn't her first language. I tried to speak clearly and slowly, but she was having difficulty with the till. We ordered a tall English Breakfast tea and a tall Vanilla Cream Frappucino. Eventually, it went through and she handed over the panini and drink order to another barista. We got a table near the end of the bar to get the drinks and panini. At this point, I rushed off to the loo and when I came back, there were no drinks.

A few minutes later, a grande tea was brought out. We knew we hadn't ordered that, but no one came to collect it. Then the panini was ready. But no drinks. I told my friend to go ask about the tea, just to check if it was hers and if not, if they were making ours.

Friend: Excuse me, what drink is this? *Points at tea on bar*
Barista: It's a grande tea.

Before my friend could ask anymore, she stalked off. I heard her bitching to another barista about my friend asking her about the drink. But my friend didn't hear so I left it. Once we realised that at least two other groups of people had gotten their drinks having ordered after us, I went up again. I got the same little blonde barista to deal with my friend had.

Me: Excuse me, we ordered some drinks and haven't gotten them still.
Barista: What did you order?
Me: Tall tea and tall vanilla cream frappucino.
Barista: *Picks up grande tea from earlier* This was probably yours then.
Me: No, you said that's a grande tea, we ordered a tall tea.
Barista: *Rolls eyes and walks away*

At this point, another barista walks over and asks me what's going on. I explain, she apologises and goes to make the drinks. Within about 5 minutes, we had out drinks brought to our tables and coupon for a free drink each.

So, the bad service did turn out good. I just don't understand the other barista's attitude. It wasn't very busy and we just wanted two easy-ish drinks. But apparently, that's too much to ask from some people.
Tags: *bad service turned good, coffee/doughnuts/bagels, customers shouldn't get what they want

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