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I think this goes here, since I don't actually work for the bureau yet.

So, early this morning, I made a post to my journal that was simply "Brb, job training~". This is exciting! I love job training with the US Census Bureau, it pays well and isn't hard work (or at least, wasn't last time I did it, early this summer).

This training was supposed to be from 8 AM to 5 PM. You'll notice that I'm posting this before noon. 8|

"I lied.

Job training is NEXT week! And they called everyone twice to tell them so! Yes, all fourteen of the people that showed up in my class had gotten two calls about the change, don'tchaknow.

What? Reimbursement? Can't do that, sorry.

I don't have a supervisor. My supervisor's name is N, but you can't have her phone number.

Oh, you drove to Regional in downtown KC with a list of the names and phone numbers of all 14 people who didn't get my (two!) messages? Well, what do you want me to do? Reimburse all of you for mileage? Can't do that, you're not employees yet. Do you still want the job? Well if you decide you don't, call me so I can replace you. My super's in a meeting. No, I don't know about when she'll be out. Call later, maybe you'll catch her.

B| "

ETA: Oh dear, tags. >: If there's anything anyone would like me to clarify, go ahead and ask; I was a bit frustrated and rushed when I was writing this.
Tags: cool story bro!, enough said? not really, i call crazy bananas!, in 2009... and in a hookah bar, wtf service or wtf post?

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