Clair Brodie (clair_brodie) wrote in bad_service,
Clair Brodie

Chase sucks

If my title doesn't say what this is going to be about then....
Last week I set up my bill pay for my electric bill to be sent out 9/11/2009 because I knew I got paid that day and sending it and the pay would coincide.
Well it didn't. They took the amount out on the 10th causing 3 over drafts.
I called them up to see why in the hell did it get taken out before and she said it was because I chose to do it that way. Well I know I didn't but not only did they not tell me other than that, they screwed up in almost the same way about a month ago.

I get direct deposit and my deposit and rent check were both on the same day. Guess which one they chose to go through first, you guessed it, rent. I emailed them that time and they took off my fees and now because they did it once for me they refuse to do it again. (Even though it is THEIR error and not mine).
Come Monday I am going and closing my account. I am done with them. When they were WAMU I had no problems with them. Now you can not cash a check UNLESS you have that much already IN your account and my direct deposit (DIRECT,that I have had for the past 5 months) has a hold on it now (WTF).
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