Gwalchmai (mephron) wrote in bad_service,

Dear diner waiter:

I can almost understand you making the mistake with my onion-potato pancakes and bringing me onion rings. But when I say, "Excuse me, but I asked for the onion-potato pancakes, not the onion rings," your reply could be, "I'm sorry about that", or perhaps "Are you sure? I could have thought I heard...".

It should not be "No, you ordered onion rings, don't argue with me."

Then you ignored me when I was trying to get your attention for some water, or any drink at all.

And then I had to ask the host to get you to give me my check. You refused to pay any attention to me at all after I tried to check something.

And then... you put "tip" on the check. I was eating alone. What the hell?

Not only did I leave you no tip, but I had the cashier remove your entry for tip from my check. She asked if I wanted to leave a tip, and I said no and explained why. I paid and left.

I've been coming to this diner for twenty years on and off. I've never seen you before, and hopefully I never will. You were the worst waiter I've had since the one in college who clocked out in the middle of our time at Denny's and didn't make sure there was someone to bring us our food. You're an idiot.
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