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Dear Window Cleaner Guy

This bud is not for you.

I am not your friend, I am your customer. That may sound harsh, but considering the stories you tell, I don't want to be your friend. I really don't believe you did anything with a lovely Brazilian woman who was this big if I know what you mean. With the hand motions, it's quite clear what you mean, along with the added comment that she could use them as flotation devices. I told you then that I didn't think that was appropriate conversation, especially not in front of your wife and your son. You apparently didn't hear that, as you continue to regale me with such tales every time you come to my place of business to clean the windows.

No matter how irritating, insulting or degrading (mostly towards women) your conversation is, that might not be deemed as bad_service, just obnoxious. What is bad service is your not coming to clean the windows regularly. When I began work here a couple of years ago, you came more frequently than we requested (sometimes every weekend), and we're not going to pay you to clean the windows when they're not needed. Now, however, you come hardly at all--sometimes as infrequently as once every three months or more. Working at a store with floor to ceiling glass windows located at the mall, that's a lot of grimy fingerprints in the meantime.

And when you do see fit to actually come clean the windows, you constantly "forget" to clean the tall mirrors in the back, which you long since agreed to clean with the other glass. It's ok, though; I'll remind you.

Just because you don't come to clean the windows regularly doesn't mean I don't see you, unfortunately. Generally once a month, you stop by to tell me that you can't clean the windows today because of mall security. While there are new rules stating that work like that can only be done before or after mall hours, the word "new" is relative--it's been in place for almost six months now, and you're still complaining about it. Telling me that you can't clean the windows today because you copped an attitude with mall security and were a "bad boy" is not only creepy, but makes me wonder why they haven't kicked you out yet.

Please, just clean the windows. Don't talk to me, don't talk to my customers, and certainly don't talk to me while I'm trying to work with said customers. Maybe you've forgotten, but yes, this is a business whose windows you are cleaning. Being polite doesn't work, being abrupt doesn't work, and being rude doesn't work (even to the point of saying, "I'm working! Leave!" ), so next time you launch into a story about your ex-wife's saggy breasts or how to tell if it's a transvestite, I'm just going to call security. I'm sure they'll be glad to see the last of you, too. I don't have the authority to cancel your services, but I can do that much at least.

No love,
The person who is looking for a new window cleaning service

(B&Js window cleaning service, NC)

tl;dr-- The best way to run a business is not to screw and tell (your customers), occasionally show up to do your job, and harass your customer's customers.

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