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Burger suck!

This happened to me on Friday, and really got to me at St Pancras in London.

I had 30 mins to wait for my train, so decided to grab some food. In St Pancras, there's a place called Fine Burger Co. Having never tried it, thought I'd give it a go. I should've realised by the other guy complaining as I walked up to the counter that things weren't going to go right. I ordered a standard burger meal with a side of onion rings, totally £9.45. I sat down to eat, and as I was finishing the meal, noticed the menu. Now, the burger meal was advertised as £6.95, and the onion rings were £1.50, meaning the total should've been £8.45. I got my receipt, and went up to the counter, thinking it was simply an error on the cashiers part.
No such luck!!! According to the girl serving, the particular drink I had with the meal is an extra £1. No-where does it say this on the menu, and she didn't mention it when I ordered. I told her this, and instead of apologising (which could've been the least she could do) she kept telling me I was wrong, and it wasn't her problem, and then refused to get the manager for me.
I couldn't stick around as had a train to catch, but really annoyed me! :(
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