Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

A couple days ago, I got 2 letters in the mail from Pekin Insurance regarding my homeowners' and car insurance policies.

For my homeowners': "The basic premium has been discounted by $240.00 since your residence and automobile are both insured by our company". I'm like, awesome, because everyone loves a discount...until I look at the bottom of the page...our new premium is $1,150.00/year. Uh. That's not a discount. Our premium is $1,024/year. How is adding $126 a discount of $240?

For my car insurance: "The total premium has been discounted by $446 because of your accident free driving experience and because your automobile and residence are insured with our company."
This time, I know better than to get excited. Right now we pay $110/month or $1320/year for both of our cars. My new "discounted" premium? $1,447.00.

WTF, Pekin?

The letters say if we have any questions to call our insurance agent. So I call him. And I call him again..and again..and again. No answer. I leave messages, but he hasn't gotten back to me.

If this is the shit they are going to pull, I need to come up with new insurance ASAP, so I can let my mortgage company know so we can pay it out of the money in my escrow account, before they pay it to Pekin.
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