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On Wednesday 2/9/05 I called the local U-Haul to get a price quote for getting a hitch put on my car. I was given a quote of $238.90, including wiring and hitch ball. I spoke with Carlos, who seemed to be rather knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. I requested to make an appointment for this, and Carlos told me that wouldn't be a problem. I asked when during the next week they had openings, and he told me that I could come in any time. I asked if the following Wednesday, 2/16 would work for them, and Carlos told me that would be fine, and to come around 10am. He took my contact information, and gave me a confirmation number.

I arrive at U-Haul at 10:15am on 2/16. While waiting in line, one of the other employees asks me if I'm there to pick up a truck. I said no, I'm here to have a hitch put on. "Oh... The hitch guy is off today. You'll have to talk to the manager." I wait in line, and finally get a chance to talk to the manager. Apparently Carlos didn't bother to look at the schedule when he made my appointment, as the hitch guy hadn't even been scheduled for that day. All the manager can tell me is that the hitch guy is scheduled for the next day from 2:30 - close, and to come back then.

Having learned my lesson, I call before going over there. At 3pm, I speak to the manager, and the hitch guy isn't in yet. The manager offers to call me when he gets there, and I confirm that they have the correct phone number. Two hours later, no phone call. I call them again, and the manager tells me that the hitch guy is stuck in traffic, and will be there soon. By this time, it's nearing 5pm, and I have other things I need to get done. I find out they will have someone there today at 10am.

Everything hit the fan today... I had several other appointments crop up, and ended up not being able to go. So now I have an appointment for tomorrow morning at 8am to get the hitch put on. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the guy shows up.

It may make me seem like an entitlement bitch, but I'm going to ask them to reduce the rate... The screw ups have all been on their end. I did nothing wrong, except make an appointment with them for the hitch.

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