Venus Sanders (venus2869) wrote in bad_service,
Venus Sanders

And why would you turn away a POTENTIAL customer?

Had a really strange experience, trying to get a carryout at RibCity Grill.

To whom it may concern:

I recently visited your Troy, Michigan location on Friday, 9/11/09, to place a carry out order. It was 9:38pm, and when I arrived, your doors were completely locked. From my understanding & from the business hours listed on your door, as well as your website, you were to be open until 10pm.

I began to knock on the doors to have someone let me know if you were still having service. There was 1 waitstaff member still in the building, at a booth. She looked up at me, then looked down to doing whatever she was doing at the booth. She did not get up to come to the door, nor made any attempt to let me know that you were closed. She then walked over to your cash register area, and proceeded to turn off all the outside lights on me.

This was to me one of the most disrespectful act that any restaurant staff person can do to a potential customer, ever. As a fellow food service worker, during these times, customer service & customer loyalty are priceless to restaurants. I know for a fact that if I ever did what happened to me at my place, my management would be extremely upset & I would not have my job.

I have only been to your restaurant as either a pick up for carry outs or trying items from what my fellow co-workers have gotten for themselves. I wanted to get one of your "feasts", so my family could try it & then, we could possibly come in for a full dining experience.

My family does live in Troy, not too far from your location and was excited to see that there was a BBQ place near us, instead of traveling to further areas. At this time, I'm not so sure that we will be choosing your place as a choice when we dine out or need take out.

I do hope that your staff is notified of this incident & will be properly discussed with them.

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