Natalie (omgnatalie) wrote in bad_service,

Apartment Manager Suck

My husband and I moved into our new apartment at the end of May of this year. We signed the lease a few days before we moved in. Right after signing, we asked if we could go look at the apartment (the previous owners had left already) because we were so excited to see it. We get the keys and go look, expecting that the apartment may be in disrepair since they still had three days or so to fix everything.

We opened the door and noticed a ton of things: doorknobs missing, cigarette burns on the linoleum in the bathroom, no cover on the kitchen lights (they were just fluorescent bulbs), various spots that needed to be painted, missing weather stripping on the doors, bent screens on the windows, leaking pipes under the kitchen sink, etc etc etc. I'll spare you the rest of the long list. We made sure to call the front office and say there were a lot of repairs to be done, and we were assured everything would be complete when we moved in.

On move in day, I waddled as fast as I could with the huge box I was carrying to my new front door, opened it up, set the box down, and saw that nothing had been fixed. Not. One. Thing. We moved our stuff in, then walked up to the office the next day to get an inspection form where we could write down everything that needed to be done. We wrote everything down and were assured it would all be completed as soon as possible.

It's taken four months to get all of the repairs complete. The maintenance guy would schedule a time to come fix things and never show up, or show up and say he needed to go get something and never come back. This happened about 6 times. The repairs that WERE completed were done poorly. For example, we asked for the washer and dryer to be hooked up. The maintenance guy hooked them up and left, then a couple days later we did our first load of laundry. The drain hose for the washer wasn't connected AT ALL and water leaked out all over our floor. Thankfully I caught onto what was happening shortly after the flooding began, but this gives you an idea of the level of service we've gotten. This was the first strike against this place. I actually had to threaten the manager with going to his supervisor to get everything done.

Then a couple of months ago, we noticed spiders everywhere. We asked that the outside of our apartment be sprayed by pest control, and were told by management that it already was. We asked for it to be sprayed AGAIN. We would literally find three spiders a NIGHT, and I kept getting bitten by them. This is a huge problem for me because I am TERRIFIED of spiders, and these ones are HUGE and they're everywhere. These particular spiders are called woodlouse spiders, and they eat woodlice (roly poly bugs or pill bugs) only. Because of the lack of care with landscaping, we have these bugs (and therefore, these spiders) everywhere. The management claims to have sprayed 3 times, but we still have spiders so I think they're lying. That's strike 2, and a big one because now I have an even bigger phobia of spiders.

The last thing that we just noticed is there is water damage and black mold growing in our closet where the wall meets the ceiling. This can't be our fault (we assume it's the upstairs "neighbor" and a leaky pipe), but I think we've about had it with this place. I know the mold isn't the apt manager's fault, but I have a feeling when we go to talk to them about it today that they will blame us and send their maintenance guy to wipe up the mold (big no no). I also doubt they will offer to replace our clothing in the closet, because it may have mold spores on it. This is just an anticipated added hassle to the ones we're already facing.

There are various other complaints (non-residents parking in resident spaces and not being towed, one of our neighbors is constantly smoking weed out on his balcony above us - and his garage is always open and random people drive up, then he comes out for a couple minutes, then they leave... fishy, etc.).

We want to get out of our lease and MOVE far, far away. What do you guys think about all this?
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