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Just in case you forgot....

I just wanted to reiterate that Charter is the devil.

They are the only available cable company in my area, and I receive my TV and internet services through them for an arm and a leg. I don't make very much from work, so I am very srzbns with my money, and am sick of being jerked around by them. I especially get angry if a service I am paying them for is not working.

My internet connection was bad. Horribly bad. And had been that way for a long time, but I expected it. I grew up in this neighborhood, and it's in the old part of town and nothing seems to work well over here. Once spring rolled around this year though, I was lucky to keep my connection going for more than 20 minutes at a time. I would have to unplug and reset my modem constantly to get it work. I spoke with phone reps several times and was getting the run around, replaced several things (cords, splitter, USB hookup), and was hassled for upgrades EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Now, I have Asperger's Syndrome. I get very very flustered while speaking on the phone with anyone, especially with people I don't know at all. I also have slight hearing problems, which makes me more nervous to call them. On top of this, I am naive and socially behind three years for my age. I feel like a little kid calling a big time company basically.

I finally called them on 27th of August with the sole intent of having someone come out to check the cables and fix whatever was going on for the last time. I was connected to a man who spoke incredibly fast with a slight accent. This is a problem for me. I had a hard time understanding him, but made sure to ask him to repeat anything that I did not understand. I finally got setup for an appointment and was getting ready to do the confirmation and disconnect with him. UNTIL...

He offers to bundle my internet and cable services and upgrade my cable and provide me with a digital box. I said "No thank you. I don't need it right now." He said "Ok, but I will have them put a hold on a box for you in your local office in case you change your mind." I said "I won't, but thank you." and we finished the call.

Tech comes out a couple of days later, replaces the entire cable line attached to my triplex, fixes the internet, plays around with my cat for a few minutes (Artemis doesn't get to see people a lot, so he was extremely excited someone was in the house!) and did it all for no charge. He was cute to boot, so good service there.

The BAD service is when I checked my bill online a couple of days later. Instead of my usual $104 I pay for my services, it said I owed $18.17! Something was wrong with that. Very wrong. I couldn't figure out what was going on... it looked like they were charging me full amount for my internet and had completely removed my cable services and credited me for them. I found that odd because my TV was working fine and I never removed anything...

I chat with an online rep since my internet works now (Yay!)... when I asked if my bill was correct, all they told me was that my bill was $18.17. Well DUH! That's why I'm talking to you! Then they asked me about my upgrade that I agreed to on the 27th. I told the rep that I never agreed to the upgrade and they just kept repeating that I did. I disconnected and headed right to the local office.

It appears that they had indeed CANCELLED my cable TV and were waiting for me to pick up my digital box (self-install) so that they could go ahead and upgrade it!! That just pissed me off to no end. I had never agreed to an upgrade, never agreed to self-installing anything, never agreed to ANYTHING!!

The lady sorted everything out for me, billed me for the correct amount, and then before I could leave offered me several other bundles and upgrades.


tl;dr... I HATE CHARTER.

Annnndd... I am far too long-winded for a short short suck.
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