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Gen Jordan

Copy of letter I just sent to my ISP...

Chip, & others @ Meer,

I'm startled and disappointed by the latest response to my queries regarding web hosting, and I would like to explain why.

On the web page for, one of the services promised to ADSL customers is "a FREE virtual domain and e-mail accounts", with a link to the description for Meer's 'Complete Web Site' hosting service, which I must say looks like a very appealing offer and is a perfect complement to ADSL service.

When I wrote my initial query, I specifically stated "I'd like to have confirmation that this 'free virtual domain' is the 'Complete Web Page' package," and the response I got back was, "Yes we offer free hosting with DSL accounts."

It was not until I stated what domain name I wanted ("Your own domain ( and web site hosted on our fast and reliable UNIX servers." is the first listed feature of the most basic web hosting package listed on Meer's website), was I told what the 'free hosting' actually comprised.

The package described by Chip, "With DSL, we offer free hosting (storage) only. This gives you a URL like If you need domain registration as well (pointing a .com address at the storage), that is $15/year. If you allready own a domain name, and want to point it at your storage, we can provide you with instructions about how to make that happen." bears no resemblance to anything listed anywhere on any of your webpages. The simplist and most basic web hosting package listed is the 'Complete Web Site', which offers as its first item, "Your own domain ( and web site hosted on our fast and reliable UNIX servers."

Even ignoring the issue of an inaccurate web page description of what ADSL users receive for their 'free hosting', there remains the point that ADSL users are promised 'a FREE virtual domain'. I'd like to state for the record that does not now, or ever, fit the definition of 'virtual domain'.

You asked how I would like to proceed.

1. I would like acknowledgment that Meer's website and support staff were misleading in what services Meer provides to ADSL customers.

2. I would like Meer's website to be amended to accurately detail what ADSL customers receive in terms of free hosting, to prevent others from unfortunant disappointments in the future.

3. I would dearly love the 'Complete Web Site' package that I was lead to believe I would be receiving, but I will settle for an exact listing of what benefits/features are accorded to ADSL 'free hosting' web masters. Using the 'Complete Web Page' package as my guide, I would like each of the following points addressed:

# Includes 10 POP/IMAP e-mail accounts or unlimited e-mail forwarding
# Includes Webmail and advanced SPAM filtering
# 250 MBytes of disk space with unlimited updates
# 10GBytes data transfer per month
# Full CGI plus Perl, PHP4, Python and Server Side Includes
# Custom MIME types and language support
# FTP, rsync, and scp support
# Password protected pages
# Web hosting control panel
# Detailed visitor analysis including visit trails and usage graphs
# Access to raw and real-time log files
# Complete FrontPage support
# SSL support (shared cert)

Additionally, if there are any features or limitations not addressed in the above checklist, a listing and description of those points would be quite valuable.

I am fully confident that Meer will do the right things in this matter, and that this turn of events is merely the result of accidental miscommunications between members of Meer's support staff and Meer's web design team. Once this matter has been cleared up to my satisfaction, I will procede with setting up our household's webpage and resume reccomending to those seeking a reputable and professional ADSL provider.


Genell Lang

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