corridor7f (corridor7f) wrote in bad_service,

From the tech Shop not in the past....

Dear  Commission-Blinded Lady in the Diggy Cam Dept,

When you asked if I wanted a bag for my digital camera, I thought you meant a plastic carry-out bag.  Disappearing rapidly, then rather eagerly adding in $14.99 onto my total just befuddledme.  Buh?  Oh, you meant a CAMERA CASE. 

Yeah, that's not a bag.  A bag is 6 cents, thank you .

Even if you had said "case", not showing me where they were or asking which one I wanted and just grabbing one was rather presumtuous.  Also, shielding it from my view as I tried to see what you had grabbed was odd.

When I laughed and tried to make a "paper or plastic" joke, you seemed offended.  This perhaps confirms you were in fact just plain ol' stupid?  I thought maybe you were trying to scam me thinking I was the stupid one...

I guess all's well that ends well. 

PS: I WAS thinking of getting a camera case, but I'd probably end up with something entirely different (and more pricey) if I purchased it from you.

Digital Regards,


*Edited for italic fail. :/

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