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Trying to get fraudulent accounts closed isn't as easy as one may think

Not massively bad service, but still quite annoying. Basically someone has been opening accounts with our address and surname, but the person doesn’t actually exist. It’s not a very common surname, so I know there is no one by that name in the town I live. So far he has opened a mobile phone contract with Orange, ordered something from the Carphone Warehouse and opened an account with Geek Squad (not the US Best Buy one, but an insurance company in the UK).

First of all I phoned Orange, and pressed the option for mobile phones. You have to put in the mobile phone number in order to speak to someone – I don’t have it. So I pressed the option to speak to someone for broadband, as that was the only way to get through. They then put me through to mobile phones. I explained the fraudulent activity and she said she couldn’t put me through to the Fraud Department, as they weren’t customer facing. She said they were really busy right now, but she would keep trying until she got through to them, then phone me back immediately. I never got a phone call back.

A couple of days later we got a letter from Geek Squad, who are an insurance company for technical equipment. I give them a ring and they cancel the account straight away. (Yay good service!) He advises me that they are linked to the Carphone Warehouse, and it’s likely the person bought equipment or took out a contract through them, so I should give them a call and see if that’s the case.

I explain the situation to the Carphone Warehouse. He brings up the account. I ask if it is the case that they are purchased phones, or taken out contracts. He says he can’t tell me due to the Data Protection Act. I inform him again that the person doesn’t exist. He says it doesn’t matter, he is still a customer, even if he doesn’t exist. Argh, fine. He then proceeded to fill out the fraud form, which took him forever. He kept mumbling while doing so, and said something like “oh that hasn’t arrived yet, it’s still at the shop.” So I assume they have purchased a phone.

I then phone Orange again to remind them they didn’t phone me back. I explain the situation and she says she will put me through to the Fraud Department. Someone answers and I ask if that is fraud, they say no, they aren’t customer facing – so the other person had just lied about who she was putting me through to! So I tell the customer service rep what’s happened – they’re using our address and surname, but the person doesn’t exist. “I need to speak to the account holder” he responds. I explain again. “Is he in the room?” he asks again. There. Is. No. Such. Person. It clicks, and he phones fraud and they finally flag the account for investigation.

Just to end the story - I've reported it to the police, and the fraud department there are working on it.
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