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I Hate Walgreens with a passion

This isn't a huge suck but its annoying as all heck. I hate Walgreen's pharmacy. They have a talent for screwing up only rivaled by their competitor Rite Aid. The service at this particular Walgreen's has always been questionable but today was more annoying than most. I have one prescription for my dog's heart disease that the vet can't fill (its a human medication) so I have to take it to a local pharmacy. When I first submited the prescription 18mo ago we only had two choices locally Walgreens or Rite Aid so I chose Walgreens because though their service is crappy they at least can put the correct pills in the bottle (my rant at Rite Aid and their inability in that department is a whole nother book). So back to the bad service.

Now it takes about 6 months to go thru a bottle of the pills since she only takes 1/4 of a pill a day. This is my third refill for it. As the other times I call in to the automated machine and request a refill to be picked up in about 4 hours. No problem. I get in line at the drive thru and there are about a dozen cars backed up. This is not unusual for this store and going inside just gets you ignored because they have one person staffing both the window and the walk up window most of the time. So I sit in line for about 25 min. Get up to the window and ask for my pills. The gal asks for my insurance card. Sorry I don't have one the patient is a dog. Now I know this has been noted in the file since she also has no birthdate recorded and they can only do this if its a veterinary prescription. Well it turns out they didn't bother to fill the prescription because there was no insurance card on file. Um since when is it required to have insurance to get medication refilled. Put the damn pills in the bottle and then ask for the card or get payment when the customer picks up the pills. I don't think it requires a genius to figure that part out. The gal tells me to go away and come back in 30min when they can fill it. That would basically have meant driving back around the building and getting back into the line again. I seriously thought about shutting of my engine and telling her I wasn't moving until the put 50 pills in a bottle but I didn't. I did it once many years ago when I needed anti nausea meds for my chemo and they were jerking me around but this time I wasn't quite so sick so I gave in and drove around the building and got in line for another 25min wait.

In the morning I'm going to call my online prescription company (that handles all my insurance paid refills) and see if I can get the stuff refilled thru then even though the "patient" is not an insured dependent.
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