sealchie (sealchie) wrote in bad_service,

Direct TV

Ok last month my husband called AT&T to set up internet and cable in our new house. Apparently our house doesn't get Uverse so they offer a bundle with Direct TV, which is fine. Since we don't have great credit we have to put down $200 to set up service which was fine, after taxes it came to 225 something. The agent at Direct TV said there was a $100 one time fee for DVR which my husband asked her to put on the first bill, she said that was fine then ran our card. When she comes back on the line she informs my husband that she just charged our card $425. She included the $100 DVR fee that was supposed to be on the first bill, and she changed the 200 payment to 300. We had $225 in account for this...not $425 which we obviously did not plan for our budget because that is not the price we were told we'd be charged and agreed to. So my husband tells her forget it cancel the account and then calls AT&T back to cancel service and tell them what happened. However since she ran our card the $425 was pending on our bank account for 5 business days as Direct TV claimed they couldn't do anything about it. Since the charges were pending it casued all the bills we paid to bounce and cause overdraft fees, $125 in total. We went to our bank who said we had to deal with this first before they could do anything and they gave us print outs that proved the unauthorized charges Direct TV made caused overdrafts to our account and we faxed this information to their financial department. Finally today we heard back from them (all this started August 15th) and they say there is nothing they can do and they won't refund our money. So basically they told us they'd charge $225 but ran our card for $200 more without telling us, therefore the charges were unauthorized and they refuse to take care of the problems they caused. I'm not sure what else to do beyond this point, I've filed a complaint with the BBB and we'll be seeing my bank tomorrow to see if they can do anything but I'd really like my $125 back and never have to deal with this company again. They did the same thing to one of my husband's co-workers.
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