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Dear KFC/Taco Bell drive-thru chick:

There are four cars in front of me in line, including three huge SUVs. That means I’m still half a car length from being at the speaker. There’s a huge promotional sign surrounding the speaker itself, which means I also can’t see the menu yet. I don’t buy fast food often, so I do need to look at the menu.

The first time you asked if you could take my order, I called out that I wasn’t up to the speaker yet. The second time you asked – 5 second later, and several degrees snottier – I didn’t respond. The THIRD time, another 5 seconds later and about a billion degrees snottier, I yelled in nearly the same tone you used that I wasn’t to the speaker yet. You replied, in the snottiest tone imaginable, “Well, I can HEAR you!” To which I replied, “But I can’t see the MENU yet.”

You finally shut up. A few seconds later, when I was able to pull up to the speaker, a guy took my order. I don’t know whether you told him to take over because you were pissed at me, or if he told you he’d take over because you were being pissy, but I’m hoping for the latter, because you were completely out of line. I was not to the speaker, couldn’t see the menu, could barely hear you, and am getting over the flu, so I couldn’t yell my order or I would have gone off into a coughing spasm. Not that any of that matters; just the fact that I wasn’t quite ready to order yet should have been enough for you. I don’t give you grief when you ask me to hold for a second before taking my order. Please extend me the same courtesy.

Also, I ordered Sierra Mist, not Pepsi. If you were trying to “get back” at me with that, congratulations.

No Love,

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