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Wendy's WTF

So Wendy's was dead when we pulled in. I haven't been to Wendy's in some time, and I had barely half a second to glance at the menu, when all of a sudden an employee steps in front of the menu and starts unscrewing the door. The menu was effectively blocked. I thought she was just going to take a moment, and she was smoking during this, but then she REMOVED the menu and quickly walked off with it.

Um, ok..?

I want to emphasize that this woman knew we were there. She saw us. But she scurried away with the menu before we could say anything to her. So we ask the girl on the speaker what the flurry flavors were. She told us, we ordered, and pulled forward. When we got the shake we said to her, "You may want to tell your coworker that removing the menu when you have a customer is possibly not the best timing."

She replied, "Well, we haven't had a customer in a while." Uh, yeah, but you have a customer right now.

Not sucky, but just a WTF.

ETA: Normally I know what I want when I get fast food, but I barely had a moment to see the menu and saw that they had new flurries.
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