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Bad Service with a side of attitude at the Golden Arches

    So while out and about with my B/F today, we stop in for a quick bite @ Mickey D's.  The order was pretty simple I thought; 2 McDoubles, a small order of fries, a caramel sundae, and a caramel & fudge sundae.   After ordering I go find  place to sit while he pays and waits for our food.   When he brings it over, I notice a problem - one of the sundaes only has fudge - no caramel.  So I go back up to the front and point this out.  The girl who took my order INSISTED  "Ummm...I gave you three - 2 caramel and one fudge, EXACTLY WHAT YOU ORDERED !"   Ummm no, I didn't order 3, and I only have 2 sundaes.   This one was suppost to be hot fudge and caramel mix .  She rolled her eyes, took the fudge sundae from me, and made a  new one correctly .  When I returned to the table, I looked at the recipt and  noticed they had indeed charged us for 3 and I noticed there were 3 spoons on the tray. I went back to the counter again and said "Excuse me, I'm not trying to be bitchy or anything, but you did overcharge us."  She rolled her eyes at me again, raised her voice and said I GAVE YOU THREE !  And I told her  "No, you  CHARGED ME FOR 3, but only  GAVE ME 2 !  You can go look on our table."   Then, one of Eye Roller's  co-workers came over asking what the problem was.   I told my story again, and she says " Oh, thats my bad !  I put the other sundae over by the drive thru window."  MASS QUESTIONING BY ALL CO WORKERS THEN INSUES OVER WHAT SHE WAS THINKING, WHY DID SHE DO THAT,  ect.  She then re makes anotherfresh one and Eye Roller then asks do I want the one originally returned by me, since they're gonna throw it out anyway.  So we end up with 4 sundaes.  I have a feeling we wont be having ice cream again anytime soon.
Tags: *fast food, customers shouldn't get what they want
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