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Tim Horton's

I was talking to some friends recently about our old grade school and remembered this suck from a band trip in 8th grade.

Well I don't know what the problem was with this woman but as soon as I walked up to her counter she was pissed off. And I mean I know there were a lot of kids but about 85% of them went over to the other two fast food joints there. So I get up to the counter, and ask for 'A medium Ice cap with a shot of butter caramel and a frosted cinnamon roll' Like I always ordered that then and still do now. She just scowls at me grunts then grabs a bag to get my food. She comes back hands me my drink, I check the bag because sometimes people make mistakes because they're busy trying to serve multiple people all of them (including me) with stupidly complicated long orders at once (So don't get me wrong I don't mind when they mix up the order by mistake they're human). Its a glazed cinnamon roll so I say 'Oh its glazed I actually asked for a frosted sorry.' She growls 'Whatever' throws the bag at the two teenage workers behind her and grabs me a frosted one. I'm just thinking 'wtf' there because the other workers just looked so harassed. And it continues as I was leaving I hear one of the sixth grade girls come back up to the counter and say 'I wanted a plain toasted bagel with butter this one is whole wheat with cream cheese.' The counter lady throws the bagel on the table the two other workers are at and yells 'You heard her, do it right' before stalking off. And not only that the sixth grader is whispering to her friend that this was the second bagel they had screwed up.
The whole occasion was just kind of wtf.

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