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Does potential bad service count?

I went to inform my apartments that my fiance's sister was going to stay at our apartment for about 3 weeks. The manager misunderstood and "blocked her off." We didn't understand why she said she was doing this (and marked it on the calendar) but figured it would be because they need to know why there is an extra person on the property.

No fee is mentioned

Later, we were in the office renewing our lease, and we asked for clarification. OH. The manager had meant that she had reserved the guest room**. We told the office lady that his sister is staying with us so that would not be necessary. But wow, our apartment has a guest room? That is awesome.

His family decided they are going to stay two days instead of just dropping her off. They said they wouldbe getting a hotel because his mother has allergies. We said, "Nooo. Our apartment complex has a guest room!"

I went to reserve it for the two nights they would be staying.

No fee is mentioned.

So I got the keys, entered the room to see if I needed to get bedding or whatever. It looks like a mini hotel room! Cool. I then saw a sign on the wall about payment. Hmm. I'm confused. No one mentioned a fee?

So, I went to the office and asked. It's 40 bucks a night. This is NOT a big deal. This is NOT the bad service. I don't mind paying for this. Nothing in life is free, right guys?


They should have mentioned it. Guest room usage is NOWHERE in our lease. It was not mentioned any of the two times we were discussing the guest room or when I picked up the keys. (Even with the apartment manager) I do have a problem with them not mentioning a fee, especially for his sister (We are talking $840 for 3 weeks, not just the $80 for the two nights for his parents. I can deal with $80.)

Seriously. They should have told us. If it had not been for this tiny little sign on the wall, we would have had no idea.

If I am out of line, flame away guys! :)

Edited: **The guestroom is a separate little mini-apartment not connected to any other apartment in any way. It is not an extra room in my apartment. Sorry for the confusion.
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