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Resturant fail

My friend asked me to post this suck for her. She and her mom went out to this place that they go to a couple times a month. They usually have great service which is what made last night so horrible

H = Host
BO = Bitchy Owner
P = Friend's Mom
S = Friend

P: Table for 2.
H: That'll be a 15 minute wait, I'll put you on the list
20 minutes later, her mom is wondering how much longer the wait is going to be.
P: About how much longer is the wait going to be?
H: Oh, sorry, I forgot to put your name on the list, it shouldn't be too much longer, 5 minutes tops.
15 minutes later, they still haven't been seated, and others who came in after them had
P: Excuse me, we've been waiting for 35 minutes and haven't been seated, while people who came in after us have been seated
BO: I don't know what you want me to do.
P: We just want to be seated.
BO: I can't right now.
P: Can I speak with your husband, we're friends
BO: That won't do any good. You have to wait.
S: Why are we being penalized for your host's mistake? What are you going to do to fix this situation?
BO: I don't know what you want me to do. I have to seat these other people.
S: Wrong answer.

At this point, a woman who had been waiting 45 minutes came over, gave the owner the pager and said she was never going to come back.
My friend and her mom were seated a few minutes later, but she was fuming for awhile after. It takes alot for her to get worked up, but she was livid when I talked to her after they had been seated.

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