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Small fast food bad service

Went to McDonald's the other day.

Not so bad service : giving me Coca Cola and a Royal Cheese sandwich when the receipt clearly indicates I had ordered Sprite and a Royal Bacon sandwich. Not so bad because I noticed the drink first, the guy apologized, and at the table, woops wrong sandwich and I went back, the guy gave me the correct sandwich and let me keep the other one.

The bad part, according to me ? Certain employees can eat there, right ? Well, in my opinion, even if you get a meal for yourself, just don't prepare it like you'd prepare any other customer order..............and eat from the fries box directly in front of said customers. Yuck @_@ ...


Posted in a comment below :


Sorry guys XD .

I was at the counter, and you know that flat thing you use to get your food and carry it to your table ? So the guy prepared my order and put it on one of those "flat things" .

Then another employee prepared her meal, she was in her work clothes with her nametag and all, and she took one of those flat things and the way it was placed, it was as if she was preparing a customer order, putting one drink on it, then a burger, then a fry... but she was eating the fries directly from that box, which didn't really look good because you couldn't tell whether she was "stealing" fries from a customer or just eating what was hers.

(Oh, and yes, English is my second language, thanks for the compliments. Sometimes I think I'm fluent and then woosh I post and I realize (days later XD) that my posts actually don't make any sense :P )
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