jarethrake (jarethrake) wrote in bad_service,

Today, I received some good service, which reminded me of some bad service.

First, the good.  My boyfriend and I went into an apple store, which was very crowded, to ask a quick question about a specific product.  I asked the question because I grabbed an employee first.  The employee spoke to me, even when my boyfriend clarified something about it.  Just to clarify, the question was about his iPhone, and really had nothing to do with me, but it's nice that the employee didn't assume that was the case.  I asked the question, so I got the answer, just how things should be.

This reminded me of when I bought a bike, and the only attention the employee gave me to was to take my debit card.  All information was given to my boyfriend (who knows very little about bikes, and was only there because he had a car, and I needed a lift).  When we needed a spare spanner-thing (I know what I'm doing, just not what to call it), that was handed to him as well.  There was no indication that he was the customer, but for some reason - and I'm going to go ahead and assume gender - it was assumed that he required the mechanical information, not me.

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