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Reminded Internet ordeal ...

Edit x3 because stuff keep going missing!

A few years back we made the switch from 56kbps to ADSL. When signing up I asked when the account will be activated, and the reply was 3 days.

2 weeks later we still couldn't connect. We've reached the end of our patience. Called up their tech support, I was referred to billing, billing claims account is active and it's tech issue. We call back tech support and they again insist that it must be because the account is not activated. I got fed up and wanted to speak to a manager when tech support internally transfered us to billing without me agreeing to that. And finally after 3 hours of spinning around it's verified a tech issue. The manager made sure we could connect by the end of the phonecall (that's nice of him) but when my sister pipped up that she won't pay for the first 2 weeks of non-service, the manager started to say some feeble stuff about the account being active in the system except we couldn't login, really! I can't be bothered really, so I just told him nevermind.

So now we have Internet, but it's sloooow. Call tech support again about 56kbps kind of speed on a $88 a month ADSL deal. The tech support suggests micro filters, so the next day we buy one, connects them correctly (if I can build my own comp, I think I can connect correctly). No difference.

Tech support now says it might be old cables in my apartment, and sends a tech guy down to my place for a quick check. He verified that the problem's got to do with old phone cables. We have a small renovation coming up, so we included the change of phone cables into it.

1 month later, after the renovation, my speed is still crawling. No longer trusting the previous diagnosis, we called up tech support again and this time round they said "oh that's because your apartment block is old.". I'm totally out of patience by now, so I asked them if I have to move in order to actually use my connection properly or should they actually perform some proper maintenance of the cables.

2 weeks later I see roadwork and a signboard of that company. And after that my Internet lived happily ever after.

But $430 wasted on changing cables!
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