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We're all mad here

going over my to-do list today reminded me of an incident about a year back that still amazes and perplexes me to this day.

i take mild anti-anxiety medication. nothing flashy, but i do have to take a trip into a psychiatrists office every few months to renew the prescription. it usually takes 5 minutes tops.
one day, i noticed i was getting really low on my little blue friends. oops, my bad. time got away from me. so i called Dr. HeadGuy and asked how soon i could get an appointment.
(he had this receptionist at the time, an older woman with a really shrill voice, a heavy Bronx accent, and a habit of talking down to the patients who came in to the office as though we were all Crazies With No Brain. she equally amused and terrified me. she was like a character from a sitcom.)
so Scary Lady said they were booked up for three weeks. Urp. i said, "Well, i'm kinda in a pickle. i'm running low on my prescription and need it renewed, which is totally my fault. But could you possibly get me in earlier?"
she said, "Well, honey, thats not my problem, is it?"
and i said, "Well, my meds aren't habit-forming, but if i stop taking these cold turkey i'll have some sort of withdrawal symptoms and i don't know how bad they'll be. Can i at least talk to Dr. YaddaYadda, or have him call me so i can ask him how to handle it?"

aaand Her: "No, it doesn't work that way. You have to pay attention to your prescription and call within a reasonable amount of time."

now, i hadn't even gotten around to giving her my name or number, so she couldn't know what meds i was taking or what my issues were. i could have been paranoid schizophrenic or severely bipolar or clinically depressed. he could have had me on anti-psychotics. she had no idea and she had never asked, and that seemed rather dangerous to me.

i asked her again to have the doctor call me back, this time because i wanted to explain her behavior to him and tell him that i didn't have a great deal of faith in a medical office that was run this way. and all of a sudden she was very willing to have him fax my pharmacy a prescription for the amount i needed to get me to the appointment.

when i finally did get in to see him, there was a new receptionist, a very sweet girl who doesn't treat his patients like they're OMG TEH CRAZIES. i wonder if Scary Lady quit or if she pissed off someone else with more of a temper.
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