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I have been filling my prescriptions at Walgreens pretty consistently for about the past two years. Baltimore had a bunch of 24 hour ones, which I always found very convenient, and generally they were pretty helpful about any issues with my prescriptions. However, I just moved back home with my parents to finish my last few college courses, and in the process of moving my wallet was lost at a relatives house. I've been having trouble getting a new insurance card, but my doctor wrote me a new prescription yesterday so I figured "hey, Walgreens has my card on file...I'll fill it there."

I walk in, hand it to the person at drop-off, and she asks me my birth date. I know Walgreens usually identifies by that, so I gave it to her, but she didn't ask me any additional information...she just told me it'd be ready in about 15 minutes. The location I usually frequent in Baltimore typically does an address confirmation and looks up everything in the computer right when you drop off, but they're also generally a lot busier than this one so I figured since my name, address, and birthday were on the prescription sheet it would be ok. I had dropped off a different prescription a month prior and it had been the same - just a birthday, and even though when I came back it wasn't ready because there was some confusion with my prescription, I figured the last one worked out and this one would too. I had somewhere to go, so I told her I'd be back today to pick it up, and I figured that wouldn't be a problem.

Except it apparently was. I walked in, and the same woman was working in the pharmacy. I told her I was picking up, gave her my name, and waited patiently while she pulled up my file. She asked me my birthday, I gave it to her, and she said she didn't see anything on file for me. After asking when I dropped it off, and me explaining that it had been the previous day and I was pretty sure it was her that I gave the script to, she asked me if I was sure this was the Walgreens where I dropped it off. Um, yes. I'm pretty damn certain since there are no other ones close to me and it was just yesterday. She goes to check again, still can't find anything, so I ask to speak to someone in charge because I'm starting to get a little annoyed.

The pharmacist in charge comes over and rinse, repeat, etc. with the whole "Are you sure you dropped it off here?" deal. At this point, I explain that I've never had trouble before and that if they seriously lost my prescription I would be done with Walgreens completely, because that just seems so incredibly negligent to me. The tech comes back over and explains that the pharmacist is in the back looking through all the prescriptions and she sort of acted like they were doing me a really big favor. At this point, I am searching my purse and find a prescription from a month prior - my doctor told me to wait to fill it since he started me on 20 mg tabs, but the prescription I wound up dropping off (that got lost) was bumped up to 40 mg tabs. I told the tech that if they absolutely couldn't find it, I would just have to fill the old prescription, but that I would be taking my business elsewhere after this. She looked at the prescription and finally a light went on - she recognized the handwriting from my doctor. Apparently they put my prescription in with a misspelled last name (a U in place of an N) so I was under a new profile and my prescription was there.

I was pretty relieved until she rang up the medicine...and it came to $56. I asked her why my insurance wasn't applied, she checked the label, and sure enough the new profile obviously didn't have my insurance on it. For some reason, they couldn't transfer that prescription from my new profile to the old one, so she tried copying the insurance information and putting it into the new one. Of course it didn't work because that is just the way my day was going, so my options were to wait and come back with the card when I get it from my aunt in the mail (which should be here by Saturday at the latest) or pay for my prescription and then bring back the receipt and the card. Seeing as I seriously need this medication and would be out of it soon, I opted to pay.

As I'm about to pay the atrocious amount for a prescription that should cost $10, she mentions that the Walgreens Prescription Club would bring down the charge for the medicine to $30 dollars. It'd be $20 for the club membership, which I could use for generics and other meds as well as in the store, and then $10 for the prescription. At this point, I still wasn't sure if my card was in the mail or not and since I'm out of work and in school (and books cost $350 this semester for only 3 classes) I decided to do it. It saved me at least $20 today, but I'm incredibly annoyed and honestly almost feel taken advantage of. If they hadn't screwed up my original profile, one that I've had for at least two years with all of my prescriptions on it etc., I would have paid $10 total. I think it will be cheaper in the long run for me to use their club when I eventually switch to 3 month supplies, because its $12 for a 3 month supply, but I can't get over the fact that they don't double check the spelling or addresses or phone numbers or anything when dropping off. Add to all of that the fact that there was trouble voiding the previous $56 script off my transaction and really, it was just an amazing time tonight. I sure as hell will be sure to triple check in the future, and I know this story is ridiculously confusing (trust me, I was confused and I was there for the entire 45 minute duration of this bullshit) but is this the sort of thing I should contact someone about? I really feel torn about this, because they were both extremely nice, but the incompetence and the fact that I ultimately wound up kind of being forced to pay more for a prescription because I needed it frustrates me.

waaay tl;dr - pharmacy thinks prescription is lost, turns out its under the wrong name, then can't get the insurance to be applied due to wrong profile, so I held up the pharmacy line for the better part of an hour.

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