April (settlingbones) wrote in bad_service,

Since when does the mailman screen mail for us?!

In May, I applied to a college and anxiously awaited my acceptance letter. I knew I was accepted because the university database showed me being accepted online, however I couldn't proceed with anything else until I received my physical letter with my student ID number in it. So, I waited. And waited, and waited...

Classes were scheduled to start August 17th, and I believe it was the last week of July before I actually received my letter. What had happened, you ask?

I was currently living in FL with my s/o and had registered for school with my mom's address since I'm technically still an AL resident and didn't want any issues with the school (which is also in AL). The package was shown as delivered and returned to the school with a question mark on the front of it and a note from the postman saying he didn't think I lived there anymore...

I'll just take a minute to say that a) my mom and I still have the same last name and b) what right does he have to opt not to deliver it just because he thinks I don't live there anymore?! What the crap!

My letter ended up coming so late that I wasn't even able to register for orientation without being charged a fee. I've got a good mind to bill him for it, the jerk.
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