Sorcha (fearcityy) wrote in bad_service,

Bad d2 service

This happened a few months ago but the memory still pisses me off to no end.

I rarely buy clothing or shoes but thought as it was my birthday and payday I should treat myself, and headed up to d2 in Belfast. Picked out a nice shoe, tried them on and all was well. I asked for a size 8. The girl went into the back and came out with another box. I didn't think anything of it at the time.

When I got back to my friend's house about an hour away I decided to put them on, only to find that instead of the size 8 shoes I'd requested and tried on, I'd been given one size 6 and one size 4. There was no way I was getting these on. Fine, I'll go return them.

I went back the week after to return them and the girl at the desk examined them. She said "They do seem to be different sizes, but they've been worn outside so we can't return them." This of course was bullshit because there wasn't a chance in hell of me even putting on the size 6, and the only time they'd left the box was in my friend's very clean house. She calls over a manager, who says the same thing, and shoes me a tiny splodge of dirt on the bottom of the size 4 shoe. I tell them "I haven't put these on outside, I haven't put them on AT ALL, look at the size of them and look at the size of my feet!" The manager takes my details and says she SUPPOSES she can do an exchange and they'll call me when they get the correct size in.

A week goes by, no call. I decide to call up myself, and once I start explaining the reason for my call, I am hung up on. Okay, maybe it was an accident. So I call again. Someone else answers. Same thing.

I tried again a few weeks later and they claimed they had no record of me or my problem. At this point I gave up and wrote it off as loss. I know it was only £55 but it felt like a huge waste of money and time, and still does. Argh.

EDIT: by "only" £55, I meant in comparision to the amount other people in this community seem to get screwed over by :)
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