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Not sure what to do / Apartment manager

Hi, I've got a bit of a dilemma and I'm not really sure how to handle it. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post about this, I can't tell if it's bad service or not due to lack of experience involving things like this but...

About a month ago, at the beginning of August really, I moved out of my mothers house to live on my own. The college I'm going to doesn't have dorms, so I had to find a place to live. No big deal. It's Vancouver Island, so housing is kind of hard to come by, but I dealt with it and found a cute little one bedroom in a triplex owned by..My current dilemma. I'll just call her AM. The place seemed perfect at first glance, but the day after I moved in the oven stopped working. Stove top worked fine, but the oven wouldn't light up or produce heat, and the plug was dead too. I wasn't really sure what to do, but I called AM since she had told me when I signed the lease that if anything went wrong, call her and only her. Unfortunately, none of the three contact numbers she left seemed to work. Her home number would ring then go dead, her work number would just ring into infinity, and her cell phone number would, for the first few times I tried it, ring and then go to a very messed up "internet dial tone" after a few rings. About the fifth time I tried it that day, I got to her voicemail and left a message. It took a few days for her to call me back, but she did and we discussed the oven.

She told me to turn it on and leave it for an hour to see if it heated up anyway, and to call her back if it did. If I didn't call back, she would know it was still broken and call a repairman. She told me she would let me know before Monday (as the call took place Thursday) when the appointment for said repairman would be. I thought it sounded a little odd, because even if the stove did start heating up after an hour... It was still broken if it took an hour to heat up. But whatever, I tried it, no heat. I considered calling her back and letting her know, but she did tell me not to call back if it still didn't work, so I didn't. Monday comes and goes and I don't hear from her, so I start relaying this to my mother to see if she can help me with what to do, because AM's voicemail isn't working again. Meanwhile my cupboards have broken as well, and I've hardly even used them (the hinges have come off, it looks like they were home-made or something). Mom tells me to just keep trying, so I do. About a week later (It has now been half a month since I had a working oven, and both me and my mom are running out of money to keep buying fryable foods and take out, since most of the food we bought to "start me off" was meant to be baked) I get a call from a guy telling me he's AM's brother, and that AM is on vacation.

I'm a little confused by this, mostly because I dont' think it's very... responsible for her to go on vacation without telling me while we're in the middle of playing phone tag (one sided..) to try and get my oven fixed, or making an appointment with a repairman like she said she would, but whatever, I probably have no reason to complain, right? She's not obligated to tell me anything, after all. The guy lets me know that his brother in law will be coming by the next day (Monday) to take a look at it. The next day he comes by really quickly, looks at the (I'm not sure what they're called, the clear bulb looking plugs that keep certain parts working? Clearly I am not an electrician.), buys new ones just in case, still doesn't work, then he tells me he has to go to a funeral and leaves. So.. My oven still isn't fixed, and they still dont' know what's wrong with it. On his way out he told me he would relay the information and I should get a call tomorrow about it. A few days later I still haven't heard anything, so I tell my mom because I seriously have no idea what to do, since I can't get ahold of AM while she's on vacation and I don't have her brother's phone number.

My mom decides to give AM a call to see if she can get through, although she didn't tell me this was what she was doing at the time I'm kind of glad she did since I'm not a very assertive person on the phone. A few days later I bring it up with my mom again, and she tells me that she left a message on AM's voicemail asking about bank account information and bringing up, discretely, the problem with the oven (at this point, my mom is depositing my money into AM's account for rent because I don't have a feasable way to make it to her bank without walking for an hour. Thankfully my boyfriend is moving in next month so it shouldn't be a problem, since he has a car). A few days later my mother gets a call back about the bank account information, and AM tells her that it's 'too much of a hassle' to try and fix it, and they're just going to buy me a new oven. Cool, as long as it works I don't really care what they do. The problem is that she told my mom she would call me after and make plans on when to show up with the oven... It is now the end of the month and I still haven't heard from her.

I have no idea what to do, since I'm locked into a three month lease (not that bad of a lease, but I'm still here until the middle of October), and I don't know if this is how apartment managers normally handle things. Is this how things usually go? Is waiting for a month with a broken oven not that bad of a deal, and I should just give it more time? I do like this place, despite the numerous flaws I've found with it (broken hinges, broken oven, the bathtub is erroded, chlorine heavy water, my door doesn't close properly, no screens on my windows, other minor things) and it would be really hard to find another place that I could afford.. Especially since I start school on the 8th.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, AM lives about five hours away in another city.

EDIT 2: New stove was delivered after a bit more pestering - it works great. :D Thanks for all of the advice, everyone, I'll get everything in writing if something breaks again.

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