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US Bank

The recent bank story made me remember this one from a bit ago, figured I'd spread the word about US Bank's stupidity and one of the many many reasons as to why I'm not with them anymore.

I had lost my debit card and I called the bank to get a replacement. Before the loss I had changed my billing address so when I reported it missing and asked for a new one they said I had to go into a branch to order a new one instead of doing it over the phone due to security reasons. Okay, minor inconvenience but no worries. I did so, but the long and short of it is, they forgot to send it, and since then, due to being in limbo for a place to live while I figured out my school situation, I had been staying at my family's lake house the next state over where there are no branches of my particular all. The closest one is 2 hours away.

So I call the bank and tell them my situation, that I had requested a new card, it wasn't sent, can they please try to get it to me, that I need it ASAP, and can they have it overnighted to me at my current location. They agreed, and the very next day I got my card :D Overnight shipping be praised!

Later, I go to use said card, and silly me I assume my same PIN would work, but alas, card no worky, I can't access my funds. How embarrassing!

I call the bank back and say I feel there's been a mistake, my card has the wrong PIN. They told me:

Bank: "Of course! Your PIN has been mailed to you in a separate envelope. It should arrive sometime later this week."
Me: "Let me get this straight. I tell you I need my card ASAP because you had a screw up on your end and didn't send it to me when I asked, so your idea of helping me access my funds ASAP is sending me a new card speedy fast, but my only way of using it via snailmail"
Bank: "Yes. It is for your safety"
Me: "Yes, and I understand why, however, why would you not tell me this? Why would you bother to spend extra money to send me a useless card? Why not expedite the shipping of my PIN too, granted, in a separate envelope, so the request serves its purpose?"
Bank: "Well, this is how we work"
Me: "Well, if that's the case I can't access my funds until later this week, but I need to access them soon, what am I supposed to do?"
Bank: "*snottily* Well maybe you should drive to a state that has US Bank!"
Me: "And...that's your answer. Okay! *click*"

So I call again, get a manager, tell them the situation. They suddenly, in very much like a "bright white light dawning on the situation" sort of way, see the hole in their plans, expediting a card but snail mailing the means to use it. *facepalm* You'd think they would have figured this out years ago.
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