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Living a Life of Chaos

Suntrust Suck

Several months ago, I lost my check card. After a thorough search I went to the bank and canceled the card and had them send me another.

Two days later my husband went to use his card to pay for an oil change and it was declined. He panicked because he was sure there was plenty of money in the account. A call to the bank revealed that they had canceled the wrong card. Grrr...

Which is not really bad bad service in and of itself. It happens. They said we needed to go into the branch to get a new replacement card. He had to go out of town right after that (literally, his flight was leaving that night) so we just switched cards. (I had gotten my new replacement card by then). I borrowed my daughter's card/account for the week he was gone (don't worry, we replaced the money) but at one point accidentally used my husband's card instead of hers. (All 3 Suntrust cards look the same.) And it worked fine. And proceeded to work just fine.

It has worked for the past 5 months. No issue. (We switched cards back some time ago.)

Fast forward to today. My husband is once again, out of town. Across the country in Vegas for a major work conference. He's been there since Thursday. Today he went to buy breakfast and it was denied. Once again he called me to check the balance, convinced something went wrong somewhere because we had already gone over our finances the night before.

And we had plenty of money.

He just got off the phone with Suntrust. Apparently they just canceled his card AGAIN. And the woman on the phone wasted no time in telling my husband how stupid he was for continuing to use a card that they had said that they had canceled. Perhaps so. But it's bad service to say so.

She was never able to tell him why the card worked fine for so long despite the fact that it was canceled. And she could/would do nothing to make the card available again. (Though I'm sure there are security reasons for that.)

Her response was to snottily tell him that if he wanted, he could pay to have a new card express shipped (i.e get here in 2 to 3 days) to me and I could overnight it to him. Which means it would get to him right as he was leaving. Her other answer was for us to Western Union money to him. All of which costs more money.

Which means that he's in Vegas with no money. Fortunately, he's with friends/coworkers that are just fine with paying for him and they'll settle up when they get back.

But this is the final straw in a long list of years worth of Suntrust mistakes and we'll be switching banks when he gets back.

TLDR-Bank cancels wrong bank card, reinstates it and then randomly cancels it again 5 months later, leaving one stranded across the country with no access to their money.
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