J-chan (shoujokakumei) wrote in bad_service,

Another Papa John's Story.

I've ordered Papa John's online using my debit card before. Every single time, it's denied my card based on information being wrong (expiration date, card verification number, etc) when it wasn't, and yet charged the card anyway. The funds are always released, but in the past it's taken up to two weeks. It did this again today, so I went down to the store itself and asked about it. They told me to call the corporate 1-800 number. So I did. Basically, I was told to, in the future, make sure all my card info is accurate and not to press the order button more than once. I told them that the information WAS accurate and I only pressed the button once ANYWAY. At this point, I am not using online ordering ever again. -_-; I have the money to order pizza a couple times a month but not to pay for it numerous times and have my money held in limbo for days or weeks. My bank won't do anything about it either. What shit - I think I'm going to stop using my debit card altogether.

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