Angel of Night (kimerastorm) wrote in bad_service,
Angel of Night

So I'm stumped on this one. I think its bad service but it may be plain annoyance on my part so I figured I would bring it to yall and let public opinion sort it out.

Backstory: I am looking for a costume for a Halloween wedding. It has to be a very particular costume since I am going with my husband's family. We are all going as fairy tale characters, and my character is Little Bo Peep. Problem is that most commercially available Bo Peep costumes are just modified merry widdows and that is not acceptable given the event.

So me being me I go to ebay. Joy of joy I find a 'custom costume maker' who actually makes dresses simmilar to what I am looking for. I have bought cloaks from him in the past, so I know the quality of his fabrics and stitchwork is wonderful. At first he dosent have 'exactly' what I am looking for, so I email him and ask if its possible to mix and match bodices and skirts. He says no, he dosent want to mess with his designs. Alright I can live with that, I keep looking. Earlier in the week he puts up a perfect dress design. The only thing needed to make it complete would be to change the colors. Now I have seen him put the same style dress up in different color schemes before, so I asked him if it were possible or if I had to wait and hope he would come out with the right color-combination/style in time for this wedding.

His answer was to ask me what color(s) I was interested in.
Happily I sent off the reply:
-patterned fabric (the original design has flowers on the main fabric) replaced by a plain blue of the same material.
-navy fabric replaced by white
-and the size.

I just got his answer. "Thanks for your email. The point is that I don't change my item colors or designs even if I custom make item.

If you would like the flower pattern and color as shown in the item pictures, I will list a "Buy It Now" for you to pay. As soon as I get your payment and the size you need, I will start production. My normal turnaround time for custom orders is about 45 workdays.

[redacted for direct link removal]

Today is yesterday and yesterday is today in [redacting].

Happy costuming!"

Im just curious, last I checked being a custom costume maker who takes special orders meant a little more than just "Oh I only change the sizes, otherwise what you see is what you get." Right now I am very disappointed as he had gotten my hopes up. So guys here is the question: Does this fall under bad service?
Tags: customers shouldn't get what they want, ebay/craigslist
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