This is the diary of Laura Palmer. (mordant) wrote in bad_service,
This is the diary of Laura Palmer.

E-mail I just sent to Dome customer feedback

FYI Dome is a chain of coffee houses here in Western Australia.

Today (29 August, 1pm) I visited your location inside Morley Galleria with my stepbrother. We ordered a large latte and a large long macchiato with skim milk.

When our order was brought out to us, I asked our server (REDACTED) whether there had been a mix-up while making my coffee, as it is my understanding (as a trained barista) that a long macchiato is a long black with a dash of milk - the coffee I was given was practically a flat white. It had about a half inch to an inch of soft froth and was probably about a fifth milk.

When asked about this, (redacted) became very defensive and argumentative, saying that "that is how that coffee is made", "what we serve is what you get", and "you really need to be careful about what you're ordering and making sure it is correct."

Firstly, I don't feel it is a service person's job to accuse customers of not knowing what they are ordering, and secondly, I certainly thought it was disappointing to be argued with. I accepted the coffee as is because I didn't want to cause a scene in front of my stepbrother, but it has really made me question whether I return to that location, or Dome in general.

Finally, if that is how you make long macchiatos, I would suggest that you somehow make it clear to customers that a Dome macchiato is not made in the traditional way, as never in my 8 years of coffee making (across two states) have I seen a macchiato made with that much milk.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,
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