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refurb computers

My honey talked me into buying a refurbished desktop computer and I thought about it and decided to get a package. Here are the refurb service that came with it:

* when we signed up the applications and submitted the requirements, we were told the unit will be ready for pick up a week after. Week after, we had to wait for like half the day to get the thing because apparently the papers were not filed so it was not scheduled for the pick up. we had to commute with those heavy pieces of crap all the way home while the rain pours out.

*day after I got the unit, we checked it out and found out the sound card was not properly installed. Honey brought it back.

*One morning after like less than a month or so, my mom had trouble opening the system. We tried fixing it on our own to no avail. Honey brought it in again for reformat.

*It seemed alright for a while. My mom couldn't get it to open - again! It says something about disk boot failure something. Honey brought it back again. They had to replace the hard drive already.

*It's been a week now and it was working alright. We checked the specs and found out that the memory of the hard drive they installed was only half of what it used to. This is ridiculous!

*To make things worse, we noticed there's no sound again while we were playing online games. The speakers were perfectly fine. And this is the same problem we had at the beginning.

Now we have to return it again for rework. I know this is under warranty but warranties are not about fixing it every time it breaks down. There should be a guarantee first that the thing should be in good condition. I guess this is what I get for settling for less. I just hope this isn't a loop or something. I have this feeling everything will happen the same way it did again after the problem with the sound card.

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