Kate (naturalwitch) wrote in bad_service,

Papa John's Horror Story

My fiancee and I order a lot of pizza, usually from Papa John's or Cassano's. After last week, we won't be dealing with Papa John's anytime soon.

Despite the fact that we order from them at least three times a month, and our most recent order was four days before, I was told that they don't deliver to our address because it's not in their area. The sad fact is, most people around here are chauvinistic, so I handed the phone to my s/o and let him call them back.
They told him the same thing they told me, that we're not in their area. He asked, "Since when?" They said it's always been that way and told him to call a different restaurant.
Annoyed, he made the call. Store #2 only delivers lunch to us, but not dinner. My fiancee called Store #1 back. This time, they let him order and he told me we would be waiting about 45 minutes.
Fed up, I called back to cancel the order and get the phone number for the district manager. The following conversation ensued.

Me: Yes, I'd like to get the phone number for your district manager please.
Her: *gives me the phone number*
Me: Thanks. Now I'd like to cancel the order that was just placed for *address*
Her: There is no order for *address*
Me: Excuse me? You just took the order less than ten minutes ago and told my fiancee that it would be 45-55 minutes.
Her: We don't have any order for *address*
Me: Yeah, whatever. *hangs up*
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