sea_haven (sea_haven) wrote in bad_service,

Nastiness at Country Cookin

We were lazy tonight, so out for dinner we went, and country cookin was it. 

Everything was fine and dandy until my mum opened her rolled napkin for the fork, and UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     The interior looked like a Jackson Pollock painting in dried blood.  It looked like it  had been dribbled with it, and we immediately called the serving girl back over.  We just wanted to point it out, and my mum wanted new silverware...not a problem right?

The server got quite bitchy with my mother,( and I will admit, my mum was disgusted and a little mad, but hell, who wouldn't be?), said to her face that we had obviously done it to get out super special meals for free, and then just walked off.   No apology, no new fork/knife, nothing at all.

I will say though, we asked another server for the manager, and she was all levels of awesome. Our meals were comped, though we didn't ask for it, and new silverware was finally delivered.  We actually saw the recheck every roll of cutlery, and apparently there were a few others with the same problem. Turned out a server had cut himself, and didn't even realize he'd dribbled onto the silverware. How he didn't notice is beyond me.
Tags: *restaurant, bloody hell, happy ending
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