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And these people are responsible for our health?!

This happened to a friend of mine today - she said that I should post it here, so I am.

Her husband and her are trying to have a baby and they have tired almost everything.  She has been going to an Reproductive Endocrinologist for quite some time now.  Well, they put her on birth control for blah blah blah and she hasn't started her cycle, so she called the nurse today to inform them about that and to find out if she should start another month of birth control - so the conversation goes like this:

F:  Friend
N: Nurse

N: Hi.  Is this blank?
F: Yes
N: This Nis  with Dr. X's office, I see that you called about your cycle.  How can I help you?
F:  Yes, I have one more birth control pill for today and I didn't know if I should start another month or come in for an ultrasound?
N:  Didn't you have surgery yesterday?
F: Uh No
N:  So when are you having your surgery?
F: I'm not - I'm supposed to be doing trigger shots.
N: Oh, what's that date of birth again?
F: 0/00/0000
N: Okay I'll pull your file and call you back.

My friend was like WHAT THE HELL?  She did get a call back later that afternoon and was told what to do and that the mix up was because they pulled someone elses file with her same last name (I know that that happens sometimes, but when you call the nurse line, you have to leave your name, birth date, and phone number)
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, as featured on sf_d, can you guys fucking play nice for once?, first do no harm?
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